Wednesday, July 14, 2010

James' Birthday


Noah loves to eat all of his food and then go after everyone else's plates. It is so funny because all the kids will be done eating and be out playing and Noah is still at the table making his rounds!
So CUTE (Mom and Cohen )

My dad "cleaning up" the ice cream.
trying to make Cohen laugh.
The birthday boy. He is so excited about his super cute cake that his momma made, didn't she do such a great job?! We were all so impressed with Cami's cake and Hans' realistic construction scene.
James' present from Zach and I. I thought it was so funny how Zach taped lollipops on for James. He is always sneaking him candy!

Gettin' OLD!

Last week I FINALLY turned 19

and it will definitely go down in history as one of my favorite birthdays I have ever had because of this guy.
I had school all day but when I got home Zach and I had dinner at Outback and then went over to my parents for some delicious Cocoa Bean cupcakes with my family. My favorite thing in the world would have to be hanging out with the fam. Then on Sunday we celebrated with the Chipman's and it was awesome. They made CHINESE FOOD which is something I did not even know was possible to do till I met them. We celebrated Candace's (my super awesome new sister-in-law pictured above) birthday too. It was perfect!

Thank you everyone for making my birthday special!

Haley Chipman