Friday, March 25, 2011

My Little Entrepreneur

I have never really known a true entrepreneur. That was until I met Zach! He is always coming up with ideas for a new business. Im not going to lie, sometimes I get annoyed hearing about a new one each day. However, I do also know that it is all he thinks about so I try to act interested. He is starting to pursue these ideas this semester and it has been so fun watching him. Some things he has been doing as of late.....
  1. Making tents with his friend in our garage
  2. Developing a new carwash software that his teacher is wanting him to patent and sell.
  3. Website idea. He presented this at Venture Factory on Wednesday (picture below) and they loved the idea. They want him to keep going with it and they may even possible fund it!
I am so proud of Zach. He is such a smarty pants and I hope that one day I will be able to keep up with him!

Vegas Baby!

We went to Vegas with my parents to join my sister Emily and her family from California. I can't even tell you how much I miss them. It was so fun to see them. I am the youngest in my family and Emily is the closest sibling to me. We grew up together (kind of, considering we are 6 years apart) and I miss her so I jump at ever opportunity I get to see her. We shopped, ate, talked, and lounged at the pool. Sounds like my kind of vacation!!! Plus, no homework for 2 days and getting to finally see my husband.! It was incredible and on this snowy day I am wishing I was there.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Magic Juice

My sister Emily and I (and hopefully my sister Hannah, and brother's Hans and Brandon will jump on board) have decided to run the Utah Valley Marathon! I am so excited to get back into running. I miss the feeling of satisfaction after a long hard run.

It is hard to get into running, so I thought I would share the things that help me get into it. Maybe they could help you too.....
1. gel nimbus asics





If you have not tried ZipFizz, then GO TRY IT!!! This stuff is magic and somehow makes it so you can run faster and longer. I do not like the taste so I would advise you to chug it as quickly as possible, unless you are like Emily and enjoy it. It is available at costco.

3. A good playlist to run to, especially one with Celine Dion on it, her songs pump me up more than anyone.

4. Zach along side me on roller blades cheering me on.

What helps you run?