Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Since I can remember Nursing has been my career of choice.
When I was little and a friend fell on their bike or rollerblades, I would be the first one there to clean their abrasion and bandage it.
When I see an accident on the side of the road I want to jump out of my car and help yes I am one of those people that will probably cause an accident because I get distracted by these and yes I do drive by if it is possible numerous times.

I finally was ready to apply for my dream career this semester.
I put everything I had into getting good grades and completing the application.
I have been waiting ONE WHOLE MONTH for the results
and yesterday my long wait finally came to an end.
Here is what they said.......

Congratulations! Your application for entrance to the Nursing program at BYU has been reviewed and the College of Nursing Acceptance Committee has voted to grant you acceptance to the program for Fall 2011.

Im SO excited and I cant wait to attend nursing school in the fall!