Thursday, August 1, 2013

2 Months


You are growing so fast on us. It is so exciting to see you learn new things and develop a personality. Right  now you love to snuggle and it melts my heart. You also love to swing and watch the fishy's on the swing go round and round above your head. Bath time makes you happy and you always get so mad at us when it is over. We sing to you all day long because it makes you smile. We sing Patty Cakes and Old McDonald the most. You love it outside. If you are ever crying we walk outside and you are immediately soothed. You love Tug. You have laughed two times and both times it was for Tug. We love you more and more everyday and you bring so much joy to our family.



Your First Bath

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  1. I love this!! She is the cutest! Update your blog more often mama.:) XO.