Tuesday, November 19, 2013

6 Months


We love you more and more everyday. You also seem to get cuter and cuter as the days go by. We kiss your cheeks all day long and you have the biggest grin when you are getting loves. You sit up now and love to sit on the ground with a basket of toys near by. Tug still has your heart. Whenever you see him your face lights up.
We went and got your 6 month shots the other day and you were so mad and hurt you turned purple! I can already tell from this experience that you are going to be really good at getting everything you want. I have never seen you cry so hard and I wish I could just keep you in a bubble so you never had to feel pain.
We still snuggle for about a half hour before you go to sleep and it is the highlight of my day. I love that you like to snuggle. During this time we always say a prayer together and I can feel how much your Heavenly Father loves you (even though you are always talking in your loudest voice a little irreverent in church on sundays :) ). This new life with you is infinitely better. You are my everything and I would do anything for you.



Stats: 44% weight, 88% height, 15% head

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